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Bill Bowles, Mediator

  • Certified Circuit Civil Mediator
  • Certified Federal Court Mediator (Middle District of Florida)
  • Certified Arbitrator

Bill Bowles accumulated 25 years of legal experience in civil litigation before transitioning his practice to alternative dispute resolution. Over the course of his career Bill represented both defendants and plaintiffs in claims arising out of automobile accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, negligent security, and dog bites. Bill has handled the defense of nursing home claims and has litigated first party insurance claims, contractual claims, business disputes and insurance coverage disputes.

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About Bay to Bay Mediation

The mediation landscape in Florida changed drastically following the pandemic and these changes are here to stay. Florida courts now automatically generate a Differentiated Case Management Order which sets a presumed mediation date 420 days from the date of filing. This development created significant pressure on attorneys to move discovery along quickly and to schedule mediation as soon as possible. This pressure in turn caused many mediators’ calendars to become clogged and has created a scheduling nightmare for paralegals and legal assistants, adding even more stress to an already stressful job.

In addition to these changes, the Tort Reform passed in March 2023 and the unprecedented number of lawsuits filed in anticipation of the change in the law has pressed overflowing dockets past maximum capacity. When these new cases come out of the stays implemented by some courts, the need for mediation services in Florida will be greater than ever before.

At Bay to Bay Mediation, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service possible while reducing the time and stress involved with scheduling your mediation. We provide both the attorneys and staff with real time responsiveness and a superior professional experience that will make you glad you selected us from the many other choices available throughout Florida.

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What We Do

Types Of Mediation We Can Help With

Bill has extensive experience handling and is available to assist with disputes in the following areas:

Personal Injury
Premises Liability
Wrongful Death
Nursing Home
Medical Malpractice
Professional Malpractice
Real Property Disputes
Contract Disputes
Property Damage Disputes
First Party Insurance Claims
Statistically, less than 5% of all cases are actually resolved by jury trial or by a judge. That means over 95% of all civil lawsuits for damages are resolved outside of a courtroom by compromise and, more specifically, settlement.

In today's post-Covid legal system, seeking alternative ways to settle claims and lawsuits is even more important and desirable because the judicial system is more overburdened than ever and sometimes ineffective. Lawsuits can take years to resolve and require a great time commitment from all parties and lawyers. In addition, there are significant costs and expenses necessary to prepare and present a case through trial. Let us help get your case settled.
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Who We help

The Role Of A Mediator

Generally, the mediator is an attorney who has had extensive experience in the particular area of litigation giving rise to the case and understands the legal and factual issues in dispute. The principal role of the mediator is to facilitate communication between the parties in conflict with a view towards helping them reach a voluntary settlement that is timely, fair and cost-effective.

Although the mediator manages the meeting and is in charge of the proceedings, he/she does not impose solutions or decisions and has no power to force a settlement. The mediator may raise issues and help parties explore options, however, the parties themselves must agree on the ultimate resolution of the dispute.

The entire proceeding, including all offers, communications and discussions with the mediator are privileged and confidential. They cannot be shared with the judge or the jury if the case does not settle.

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Why Choose Us

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Bill is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator and has been an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida for over 25 years. After graduating from the University of Florida Levin College of Law, where he served as an editor of the Law Review, Bill began his legal career in the casualty department of a former insurance defense firm primarily representing defendants in auto accident cases. Bill then spent several years practicing commercial and insurance defense litigation, with a focus on defending nursing home and medical malpractice matters. Following this, Bill transitioned to representing plaintiffs in all types of personal injury matters.

Although Bill's experience has been primarily focused on civil litigation with an emphasis on personal injury and wrongful death cases arising out of auto accidents, premises liability and other accident-related injuries, he has also represented plaintiffs and defendants in business, commercial and consumer disputes in both state and federal court. Bill has tried over fifty jury trials and participated in multiple binding and non-binding arbitrations. With this background Bill has substantial experience in evaluating and negotiating a broad spectrum of civil cases from both sides of the table

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Frequently Asked Questions


If The Case Does Not Settle At Mediation Is There Any Charge For Follow-Up?

Bill will work tirelessly to get your case resolved but in the event of an impasse there is no charge for as much follow-up as necessary to achieve a settlement.


What Is The Cancellation Policy?

We have a five (5) day cancellation policy. If a mediation is cancelled more than five days in advance there is no charge. If cancelled less than five (5) days in advance, there is a three and one-half (3.5) hour charge divided equally between the parties.


Are All Mediations Conducted Via Zoom?

Given the current dynamics and demand for Zoom mediations we expect this to remain the most popular medium moving forward. If one or more parties prefer an in-person mediation setting, however, we have conference rooms available in both Tampa and Brandon and Bill is also willing to travel to other destinations upon request.

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